The Cattle Rancher

My husband is a cattle rancher. True to the core, never veering from the life he loves and has wanted his entire life.

When we had babies of our own, you could forget asking him to change a diaper! But give him an arm glove and he was right there to check the insides of a cow from the rear!! I used to say his thinking was all messed up. But he claimed it was just what he knew and the diapers were mommy's responsibility!

My husband is an outdoorsy guy. He's the hardest working man I've ever known. He works a full time job, serves on several boards and committees, then runs a cattle ranch. It's not a spare time venture either!  It's an all day, all night, every weekend booked, 24-7 lifestyle. 

With this life comes the frustration over sick cattle, the loss of a calf, a horse running through a fence and numerous machinery breakdowns. But it also brings its feelings of accomplishment when the price of cattle is high, the horses have colts, the weather cooperates and the crops are in. 

A cattle rancher always wears the same outfit. His favorite jeans, a cowboy shirt, his boots, work gloves and a cowboy hat. He's usually covered from neck to toe in the same old daily attire. What few areas of skin you can see are usually deeply tanned from the long hours in the summer sun. But that's usually all that's tanned!

Red, white, or brown, the color whatever, deep empty pockets with no change to spare, a grateful heart and a word of prayer, he wouldn't change his lifestyle and I wouldn't dare, but the Savior he gives his every care!

I love every minute I spend with my husband on the ranch. It's good honest work and usually cattle don't talk back! They might chase you over the fence occasionally or belch the raunchiest smell you've ever breathed in but if you've ever seen a new born baby calf learn to stand, take a few steps and eventually run playfully, you'll start to see what a cattle rancher sees in this business. 

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