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Share with me, some of your family traditions as I share mine with you. I want to hear your ideas :)


I love traditions and I'd love to hear about your family traditions also!  I have a page just for them and will post my favorite family traditions throughout the year.  Enjoy!

Simplicity. Some things in life just need to be reliable, dependable, always there to make 'MY' life easier. So, using my name "Tina",
I took the first letter of it, "T", and went to my menu planning.  Our son Cade was a Senior in high school when I did this.  It would soon prove to be a good decision for our family and gradually our son's friends also.

Introducing: Tina's Taco Tuesday :)
Every Tuesday, we have some form of Taco's.  I put individual taco toppings in separate cute dishes and cook corn shells, or use store purchased hard shells or flour tortillas.  The flour tortillas can be heated, cold or using a taco bowl pan


 to create Taco Salads. (Put the shells in the bowls, smooth them out to fill each crease and bake for about 10 to 15 minutes on 350*). Or you can make fish tacos if you want those instead.  The possibilities are endless. I'm always looking for simpler ways to do things. When I cook corn shells, I use my deep fat fryer which has a basket in it, I heat it up and quickly dip each corn shell in the hot oil, flip it over immediately and take it out. I use paper towels folded into a square and put one between each corn shell so they don't stick together and the towels absorb the grease.    Quick! Yummy! Simple!  

My family has come to enjoy the variety and knowing 'What's for Dinner?' every Tuesday.  

Our son Cade, while a Senior, would invite his friends over to go hunting, shoot hoops, go fishing, "hang out" almost every Tuesday and I thought this wasn't out of the ordinary but "every Tuesday?"  They LOVED my Taco Tuesday and that's where they wanted to be.  It made me feel so good!  Cade graduated in 2010 and we still have Tina's Taco Tuesday every week.  

Because of the variety, we never get tired of it.  We also try to do pizzas of some variety & formation one day a week and mix up our meals so we don't get bored. Soon, I will be sharing a family favorite, Navajo Taco's, Delish!!!  Stayed tuned!

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