About Me

Whether we live in the country or in the city, I think we all have a piece of the country heart within us. I created the Country Heart to share all that I love about living, working and loving the country life!

Hi! I'm Tina. My husband Todd and I have been married 29 years and we have four awesome kids! Cody, Cade, Cheyenne and Isaac.  We have one daughter in law, Makala and one son in law, Isaac. Yes! We have two Isaac's.  One is Ike and the other is Gus to help us keep it all straight!! We also have three beautiful grandchildren, Paislee, Cooper and Lucas.  Our family is everything to us!  

We need a new family picture.........

Top L to R: Makala, Todd, Tina, Kelci (and Puff). Bottom L to R: Cade with Cooper, Isaac, Cody with Paislee, Cheyenne

I have been doing bookkeeping for several years now and am currently working as a Secretary for a Technical School and keep a well-organized clean home but my passion is being home on the ranch, cooking, crafting and helping my husband. Todd works for the State of Idaho and is a partner with his brother, owning and operating, Warm Creek Ranch. He's a member of the Cassia County Fairboard, over the rodeos, team sorting, royalty, calf ribbon pull and the scoreboard: a volunteer fireman and on the Sublett Cemetery board. We live an active busy life ")

Paislee, Tina, Todd and Cooper

We are active members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We "Live it! Love it! Know it!" My motto is "There are no strangers, only friends I've yet to meet". 

Feel free to leave me a message. I appreciate the feedback. I hope you'll come back often and feel welcome. We're all friends here at the Country Heart :)